Client Side vs. Server Side

Client Side vs. Server Side

In my last post (A beginner’s guide to web development) there are two words Mention Client Side and Server Side Lets go deep and find out more.

Website scripts either on the client side, also called the front-end, or the server side, also called the back-end. The client of a website use a web browser that is viewing it. The server of a website is on the server that hosts it. (we going to talk about it soon i am also going to teach you how to host your website on a web server).

Client Side Languages

Client side development is done in JavaScript. It used along with HTML and CSS code. The reason JavaScript is called a client side language is because it runs scripts on your computer after you’ve loaded a web page. What was originally inside that element gets replaced, but if you open up the source code of that page. You can use javascript to add logic in your website for example you can make a calculator by using javascript which is not possible with only html and css.

Server Side Languages

A server side or back-end language runs its scripts before the HTML is loaded, not after.

There are a lot of server side languages available today. PHP is  the most popular, as well as Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET and many others. They are called server side languages because their scripts are run on server then render on your browser as html code,

On the other hand, the PHP code that was run by the server will be nowhere to be seen. This is because the server will have already taken care of the PHP, and what gets sent to your computer is the resulting pure HTML.


Many websites make use of both a client side and a server side language. there are things which both can do, and there are some things which can only be done by server side, and there are some things which can only be done by client side.

Front-end scripting is good for anything that requires user interaction and faster because it stay on client computer,  Back-end scripting is good for anything that requires dynamic data to be loaded, such as a notice that tells the user they’re logged in but slower the client side.



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